Tourist route "Khan Zholy"


Zhezkazgan - Zhoshy Khan's mausoleum - Dombaul cult building - Alash Khan's mausoleum - Khan Ordasy - Duzen's mausoleum - Ulytau village (visit to Tanbaly tas park, Khanov square, Ulytau reserve-museum, Bes ays alley, Gasyr Terek historical site, Asan Kaigy monument, Bronze Age settlement, Aulietau - climbing Aulietau) - Khan Horde near from Sarlyk - Altynshoky Upland (memorial plate of Amir Timur) - Kenenbay reservoir - obelisks to Emir Edyge and Tokhtymys khan - Museum of the history of mining and smelting business in Zhezdy village - Zhezkazgan city - Bolgan-ana mausoleum.

The route includes travel by motor vehicle from Zhezkazgan. The route is provided for three days and two nights, an overnight stay is provided in the village. Ulytau and the Kokmaisa camp site at the Kenenbay reservoir.

Zhezkazgan - Mausoleum of Alasha Khan - Mausoleum of Duzen - Ulytau - Altynshoky - Kenenbay - Zhezdy

Cost of the route from: group 500 тнг