About the Golden Horde
1269 Year
Ulus of Jochi in the period of the beginning of independence (1269-1313)

In 1269, the Ulus of Jochi was officially recognized as an independent state by the former "fraternal" uluses, which led to the beginning of an economic recovery

1313 Year
Golden age Golden (1313-1359)

The neutralization of the "nomadic bandits" (the seizure of ulus from the Juchids) led to the growth of the economy of the Golden Horde and the establishment of an order throughout its territory.

1359 Year
The first civil war in the Ulus of Jochi (1359-1380)

The beginning of the first civil war in the ulus, the result of which was the coming to power of Tokhtamysh

1380 Year
Ulus of Jochi in the era of Tokhtamysh and Yedige (1380-1419)

The beginning of the collapse of the Ulus of Jochi into various possessions, which later became different khanates

1419 Year
Collapse of the Golden Horde (1419-1502)

The collapse of the Ulus of Jochi, and the creation of new khanates on the territory of the Great Horde

1440 Year
Post-Horde khanates: successors of the Golden Horde (since 1440)

The emergence of all post-Horde khanates, some of which retained their independence until the XVII and even XVIII centuries

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