Mountain oasis Bugyly

Karaganda region
1 день

The mountain oasis Bugyly (or Daria, as the people of Karaganda usually call it, after the name of the nearby railway station) is an ideal place to see quite a lot, having just a little time, namely those steppe landscapes typical of Central Kazakhstan, alternating small mountain ranges, thus getting a fairly complete impression of what Sary-Arka is in essence.

Tour program

Departure from Karaganda to the valley of the Shopa River (120 km, 2.5 hours). Visit to the necropolis of the Late Bronze Age Bugyly (Begazy-Dandybaev culture) with a visit to the tomb of the leader. Lunch in the field. Climbing Mount Kosmuryn (12 km round trip, 3 hours). Return to Karaganda (120 km, 2.5 hours).