Ulytau - the cradle of the nation

Karaganda region
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Ulytau (“Great mountains” in translation from Kazakh) is the most interesting part of Central Kazakhstan, rightly considered “the cradle of the Kazakh people”.

The Ulytau mountains at all times attracted the attention of steppe people. It was here that the headquarters of the eldest son of Genghis Khan - Zhoshy (Jochi), whose descendants were the majority of Kazakh rulers, was located. It is here that irrefutable evidence of historical events associated with the name of the terrible Tamerlane remained. It is in Ulytau that the grave of Alash Khan, the legendary ancestor of the Kazakh people, is located. Stone Age, Bronze Age, Middle Ages, modern times - all periods of history are presented in Ulytau in their own way.

Tour program

Day 1

Karaganda - Zhezkazgan city trip (530 km, 8 hours). On the way - lunch at a roadside cafe in Atasu. Arrival in Zhezkazgan, accommodation at the hotel. Dinner.

Day 2

Breakfast. Visit to the historical and archaeological museum. Transfer to the mausoleum of the eldest son of Genghis Khan - Jochi Khan (50 km, 1.5 hours), visit to the mausoleum and the ruins of the Khan's headquarters. Trip to the mausoleum of the Hunnic period Dombauyl (5 km, 20 min.), Visit to the mausoleum and the adjacent necropolis. Trip to the mausoleum of the legendary forefather of the Kazakh people - Alasha Khan (21 km, 40 min), Trip to the mausoleum and the surrounding necropolis. Lunch in the field. Trip to the Duzen Mausoleum - XIX century (23 km, 50 min). Trip to the village of Ulytau (195 km, 3.5 hours). Arrival in Ulytau, accommodation in a guest house / hotel, dinner.

Day 3

Breakfast. Trip to the foot of Mount Aulie (2 km, 15 min.). Ascent to the sacred mountain Aulie (way there and back - 3 hours, climbing about 400 meters) - the highest point of the Ulytau mountains (1133 meters), attracting pilgrims from all over the country. Inspection of the burials of seven saints of Sufis and the Aulie cave. Dinner. Transfer to the Altynshoky hill (58 km, 2 hours). Climbing the hill, where there is a copy of a stone with an inscription, made by order of Tamerlane during his campaign against the Golden Horde, as well as the remains of a smelting furnace. Return to Ulytau. Acquaintance with the life of local residents. Dinner.

Day 4

Breakfast. Trip to the Zyngyrtas tract, famous for its rock paintings and ringing stones (49 km, 2 hours), inspection of the petroglyphs. Trip to the valley of the Tamdy river, where the galleries of rock paintings are located (100 km, 3 hours). Inspection of petroglyphs. Lunch in the field. Optional - swimming in the river. Return to Ulytau. Dinner.

Day 5

Breakfast. Trip to the Akzhar mountains (112 km, 3 hours). Walk on the picturesque yellow-red rocks of the Cretaceous period. Return to Ulytau. Dinner. Visit to the Monument to the Unity of the People of Kazakhstan, erected in the geographical center of the country. Trip to the settlement Baskamyr (76 km, 1.5 hours). Excursion around the Baskamyr site of the VIII-XII centuries. Trip to the village of Zhezdy (22 km, 30 min.). Visit to the Museum of the History of Mining and Smelting. Transfer from Zhezda to Zhezkazgan (65 km, 1 hour). Hotel accommodation. Dinner.

Day 6

Breakfast. Zhezkazgan - Terekty tract trip (94 km, 1 hour). Walking tour of the Terekty archaeological complex, the most famous collection of rock paintings in Central Kazakhstan, and the nearby necropolis. Terekty - Karaganda trip (445 km, 7 hours), with a stop for lunch at a cafe. Arrival to Karaganda. End of the tour.