Oases of the Kazakh steppes

Karaganda region
4 дня

The mountains of Karkaraly and Kent, united by the boundaries of the Karkaralinsky National Natural Park, are one of the most popular recreation areas among residents of Central Kazakhstan. It should be noted, however, that this is largely applicable to the Karkaraly mountains, where, in addition to mountain peaks and pine forests, numerous lakes are added to the services of vacationers.

Tour program

Day 1

Karaganda - Karkaralinsk trip (230 km, 4 hours). Accommodation at the hotel, lunch. Excursion to the Tasbulak tract, famous for its museum of nature and an open-air cage of wild animals, where you can see deers, yaks, wild boars, spotted fallow deer, bison, etc. Trip to the area of ​​the Three Caves and a short walking excursion to the caves that have preserved traces of the stay of the ancient man. Return to the hotel, dinner.

Day 2

Breakfast. Trip to the foot of the Karkaraly mountains (19 km, 30 minutes). Half-day walking tour in the mountains with a visit to Lake Shaitankol, as well as an ascent to the Obzornaya peak (aka Medved, 1343 meters above sea level), from where a beautiful view of the entire mountain-forest oasis opens, including its highest point - Karkaraly peak (Komsomolsky ). The total climb will be about 250 meters. Return to the hotel, lunch. City tour and the local history museum. Return to the hotel. Dinner.

Day 3

Breakfast. Trip from Karkaralinsk to the village of Kasym Amanzholov (52 km, 1 hour). Visit to the region of Fourty Lakes and an abandoned mine, where gems were previously mined (14 km, 30 minutes by car, then a walk for 2 hours). Dinner. Half-day excursion to the valley of the Kyzylkenysh river (15 km, 40 min), where the so-called Kent Palace (Buddhist temple of the period of the Kazakh-Dzhungar wars), as well as the Kent settlement dating back to the Bronze Age are located. Trip to the camp of archaeologists who are excavating an ancient settlement (6 km, 1 5 min). Dinner. Overnight in tents.

Day 4

Breakfast. Transfer to the Kimasar tract (62 km, 2 hours). Walking tour of the mountains, visiting the House of the Forester. Swimming in the lake for those who wish, lunch on the shore. Return to Karaganda (235 km, 4 hours). Dinner.