Kyzylarai - height and antiquity

Karaganda region
3 дня

The Kyzylarai mountain-forest oasis, located in Central Kazakhstan, provides truly exclusive opportunities for the traveler. Where else can you make, figuratively speaking, a trip "3000 years ago" and "1500 meters up" in just a few days?

Tour program with climbing Aksoran

Day 1

Karaganda - Shabanbai Bi trip (290 km, 4.5 hours). Accommodation at the guest house, lunch. Transfer from Shabanbai Bi to Akshkol (18 km, 30 min.) With a visit to stone statues (balbals) of the Turkic period along the way. Walking tour of the Late Bronze Age necropolis - Begazy, the most important archaeological discovery on the territory of Central Kazakhstan, which is more than three thousand years old. Return to Shabanbai Bi. Dinner.

Day 2

Trip from Shabanbai Bi to Torkor parking (7 km, 15-20 minutes). Ascent to Aksoran peak (3.5-4 hours, climb - 560 meters) - the highest point of Sary-Arka - 1565 meters above sea level, the view from the top of which reaches one hundred and twenty kilometers. Lunch and rest at the top point. Descent. Return to the village. Dinner. Bath procedures.

Day 3

Breakfast. Trip from Shabanbai Bi to the Aulie tract (7 km, 20 min.). Rest by the spring, picking berries and mushrooms, visiting the sacred cave of Aulie. Transfer Aulie - Shabanbai Bi (7 km, 20 min.). Dinner. Return to Karaganda.