Date of foundation
XII-XIII centuries

Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi

Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi
It combines not only the greatness of architectural thought, but also the greatness of the soul

Another incredible monument of cultural and architectural gem of the medieval architecture of Central Asia is considered to be the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. It was even included in the UNESCO world heritage list, since it is the only one of the four buildings of the Lame Timur that has come down to us in the form in which it was built in the XIV century! In addition, during its construction, the most progressive and innovative solutions of architects of that time were used, which laid down many new design techniques and formed that peculiar architectural style of the late middle ages. Skilled craftsmen from all over the Temuchin Empire were invited to build it, and the names of some of them have come down to us, left on various parts of the decoration of the mausoleum.

The structure is as luxurious on the inside as it is monumental and rich on the outside. There are silver-encrusted door hinges, heavy bronze lamps, and even a huge bronze cauldron for water. The Eastern decoration here impresses with its restrained color, as well as the number of halls for various purposes (there are 36 in total): for meetings, debates, rejoicings, joint readings, as well as a library, washroom, refectory and cells for those who live on the territory of the shrine.

Need to know:

The mausoleum is located on the territory of modern Turkestan in South Kazakhstan region. From the bus station "Altyn Orda" you can get by bus or minibus, the distance is about 3 km. This will be quite a budget option with a minimum of expenses, since the entrance ticket costs a little more than the fare. - about 200 tenge. But how many impressions you will get! Everyone who has been there notes that from the first minutes they saw the mausoleum; it was as if they found themselves several hundred years in the past, in the arms of the Oriental fairy tale.


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