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National Historical, Cultural and Natural Reserve-Museum "Ulytau"

National Historical, Cultural and Natural Reserve-Museum "Ulytau"

The Ulytau National Historical, Cultural and Natural Reserve-Museum was established by the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR in 1990. On the territory of the reserve-museum there are 25 complexes with a total area of ​​147,246 thousand hectares. The building area is 566 sq.m., the exposition and exhibition space - 280 sq.m. In addition to two exhibition halls, premises are provided for temporary exhibitions (104 sq. M.), Storage facilities, a library, an Internet cafe and an information and tourist kiosk. The museum funds contain rare and original items that demonstrate the development of cultural communities that have lived and live in the Eurasian steppe for millennia (4902 items in total).

The mission of the Ulytau reserve-museum is to broadcast the Eurasian historical phenomenon of Ulytau culture to the world community.

The reserve-museum carries out the following activities: ensuring the safety of the exposition of movable and immovable monuments of history and nature; creating conditions that ensure the complete safety of monuments, museum items, guaranteeing against destruction, damage, theft, creating a rational storage system; preservation and protection of the natural-archaeological, historical and cultural complex and research, cultural and educational activities.

Within the territory of Ulytau there are 337 officially registered monuments of different times, 282 of which are included in the historical and cultural map of the Ulytau reserve-museum fund.

On the territory of the reserve-museum there are such famous monuments as Alashakhan, Zhoshykhan, Terekti-aulie, rock paintings of Baikonur, Baskamyr and many other objects of different historical eras. Among the local population, the ancient traditions of horse breeding are still preserved, folk crafts and folklore are widespread.

Reserve "Ulytauis known for its unique flora and fauna. On the territory of Ulytau, 617 plant species have been identified, of which 90 are medicinal.

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